Nobel Biocare Guided Implant Surgery


Guided surgery permits us to place dental implants in a quick and non-traumatic way. The exact location of the implants is designed with the help of a computer program based on the results of a CAT-scan of the jaw(s) and the denture of 'tooth set-up'.

A surgical guide is created by Nobel Biocare and send to the clinic. The implants are then placed through the little openings in the guide and the previously made fixed prosthesis can be placed on the implants, all in an approximately one hour procedure.

With this technology we can help people who are wearing dentures or need to replace all the their teeth in one or both jaws, even when they would not be able to undergo a conventional surgery, where the gums have to be cut and lifted, due to health problems or medication.

Recovery is quick due to the minimally invasive surgery and the permanent prosthesis is immediately placed. Aftercare should be respected and maintenance is important for the best result.

Dr Anne has treated over one hundred people with Guided Surgery since 2006 and the long term follow-up has proved this treatment to be very successful and life changing.