Ozone Therapy

Biological and Holistic Dentistry

Benefits of Ozone Therapy Treatment in Biologic Dentistry

Ozone dental therapy can be used for a wide number of applications and our clinic has incorporated this advanced technology to enhance our treatments for the benefit of our patients’ oral health.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you may want to talk to your holistic dentist about this type of therapy.

1. It Is Effective In Fighting Decay-Causing Bacteria

Ozone is 1.5 times greater than chloride when used as an antimicrobial agent against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. It also has the capacity to stimulate blood circulation and the immune response” Because of this, Ozone can often be used to help treat infections are conventionally treated only physically (through the removal of the biofilm by a dentist or hygienist), or through antibiotics. It can also help disinfect areas of the mouth after a tooth extraction, pre-wash surgical sites , and in other similar procedures.

2. It Supports Gum Health And Healing

Ozone has been used very successfully to treat periodontal disease. In this procedure, ozonated water is flushed below the gum line and/or ozone gas infiltrated into the gum tissue and supporting tissue to restore the health to the mouth.

3. It’s Noninvasive

For those with anxiety about dental pain or procedures, ozone therapy can be a fantastic option. It can be used in plaque control, help decrease sensitive tooth necks, and assist in cavity preventions without any invasive tools or discomfort.

4. It’s All-Natural

Ozone therapy provides a safe and holistic dentistry treatment option for patients who are suffering from a number of oral problems. Dentists are able to remove harmful bacteria without resorting to the use of other products that can have toxic and unhealthy side-effects.

There are numerous other potential benefits to this therapy:

  • Improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery to tissues in the area
  • Enhance metabolism through improved oxygen delivery
  • Activate your immune system
  • Induce a feeling of overall wellness

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Ozone Therapy treatment is available in the Anne Swart Clinic in  Portimão
Ozone Therapy treatment is available in the Anne Swart Clinic in  Sintra