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The consultation begins with a metabolic questionnaire, in which signs and symptoms of the different organs and systems (neuro-sensorial, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, intestinal) are evaluated and interconnected with biochemical, anthropometric, genetic and intestinal exams to obtain, together, devise the best strategy.

Anamnesis is then carried out, that is, the assessment of the individual's food consumption, where habits and food tastes and the time and distribution of nutrients throughout the day will be considered.

Dietary supplements may be prescribed to help restore well-being and health.

After collecting all the information, the Personalized Food Plan is prepared, respecting your routine, your lifestyle, as well as the current stage of life. If indicated, Genetic Tests as well as Microbiota Tests can be performed.

Nutrition & Genetics

Genes are segments of DNA that contain the instructions the body needs to make the thousands of proteins necessary for life. Each gene is made up of thousands of combinations of “letters” (bases) that make up the genetic code.

Genetic variations can affect the expression of a gene, influencing metabolic processes important for maintaining cellular health and consequently the way we respond to environmental interventions such as diet, lifestyle, supplements and medications.

Knowledge of these genetic variations offers an unparalleled view of your biological systems, allowing the healthcare professional to recommend precise interventions designed to help you, in a truly individualized way, to achieve your goals and your optimal health.

Genetic tests provide information and strategies for weight control, for a better diet (richer/poor in fats, sugars or proteins), and also provides information on the risk of certain diseases, the best type of sport, rest time muscle and if there is a good metabolism in vitamins D, C, B12 among others.

There are several types of genetic tests, for which the user must undergo a genetic counseling consultation, in order to understand which test(s) will be most indicated.

Individualized Nutrition and Medicine is based on the relationship between your individual biochemistry and the genetics you've inherited. These tests will allow you to obtain objective data about yourself, thus supporting the development of a personalized strategy that will bring you superior health gains.


Nutrition and Genetics treatment is available in the Anne Swart Clinic in  Portimão
Nutrition and Genetics treatment is available in the Anne Swart Clinic in  Sintra