DNA Testing

Biological and Holistic Dentistry

Why is DNA testing so important?

There is a rapidly growing body of evidence that supports the link between risk for periodontal disease and the development of other chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and cognitive decline.

Having insight into how gene variants involved in key biological areas will impact oral health can guide better clinical decision making in order to improve oral health outcomes, but also to optimise overall systemic health.

DNA Smile is a genetic test designed to give insights into the state of your oral health and your predisposition for developing periodontal disease, tooth caries and other systemic diseases.

DNA Smile reports on 20 gene variations involved in the key biological areas including Innate immunity, Inflammation and acquired immunity, Sweet-tooth predisposition, Detoxification, Lipid metabolism – all of which are central in the management of periodontal and systemic health.

The DNA Smile report offers targeted, personalised diet, nutraceutical, lifestyle, and oral health recommendations to offset possible genetic weaknesses and optimise oral and systemic health outcomes.

Our mouth is not just for smiling, our teeth can do more than chew, and our tongues do more than just taste and swallow. The oral cavity is a sensitive ecosystem and the gateway to our body. We feed ourselves through the mouth, we speak to others through it - and it is central to the health of the entire body. If the mouth is not healthy, diseases develop: from irritability, tiredness and obesity to cardiovascular diseases to strokes, Alzheimer's and cancer - everything begins in the mouth.

^ Extract from the German dentist book

Image of a DNA test taking place

  • “A healthy mouth leads to a healthy body”
  • “Good oral health is the start to good health”
  • “Your health begins in the mouth – It is the doorway to the entire body”.
  • “What happens in the mouth, does not stay in the mouth”


DNA Testing treatment is available in the Anne Swart Clinic in  Portimão
DNA Testing treatment is available in the Anne Swart Clinic in  Sintra