Crystal 3D Braces: Invisible and Fast


The Maxillary Transverse Bioadaptation (MTB) treatment philosophy when paired with esthetic CRYSTAL 3D friction-free, self-ligating brackets has a significant advantage over conventional treatment protocols. The MTB treatment protocol involves non-extraction and uses light biocompatible forces to produce a functional esthetic occlusion. Conventional orthodontics often requires extractions and results in a narrow palate, poor esthetics, poor tongue position, and the functional problems associated with extractive orthodontics.

With MTB treatment, light forcas are applied in a manner that corrects malocclusions quickly with expansion and a functional mandibular shift versus the conventional approach, which uses high forces that force the teeth into a seemingly straight but often non-functional occlusion

The technological developments of the CRYSTAL 3D Aesthetic Self Ligating Bracket System, give us the ability to implement fully compatible orthodontic biomechanics consistent with the reparative responses of the body. We can now achieve all the objectives of orthodontic treatment without causing harmful side effects to teeth and supporting structures and in a shorter treatment time (less than 1 year, but most cases are solved in 6-8 months).

The physiology of the organism is fixed, so the mechanics used in orthodontics have to change to be compatible with the physiology and not an assault on the body. This is what happens with conventional orthodontic mechanics, especially when extracting teeth in orthodontic treatment. This does not occur in the MTB Philosophy, which is less invasive, and doesn’t use any additional appliances or accessories, allowing simple and efficient biomechanics for any type of malocclusion regardless of patient age.