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Biological and Holistic Dentistry

Biological Dentistry at Anne Swart Clinic

The mouth is connected to the body in a complex way and this is ignored by most doctors and dentists, but not by our team at Anne Swart Clinic.

Since starting her practice in Portugal in 1993 Dr Anne Swart practices Dentistry free of mercury and uses only the latest biocompatible materials. At Anne Swart Clinic we offer complete metal-free options in all areas, including implantology.

Advanced biological dental medicine or regenerative dental medicine is the next level of dental medicine and looks at the human body as a whole, combining the various areas of dental medicine with the holistic component of general medicine. Because everything is connected.

A Biological Dentist Treats the Whole Person

For years, conventional dentistry focused solely on the health of your mouth. Dentists filled cavities, performed root canals and treated gum disease. Rarely, if ever, did they consider a patient’s overall physical health to uncover potential underlying causes for certain oral issues.

Today, not only do we now realize that physical conditions like poor nutrition and smoking have a real impact on oral health, many independent studies have concluded that poor oral health has been linked to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimers and complications during pregnancy.

A natural dentist recognizes the mouth-body relationship and uses a holistic, whole-body approach to treat the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms that manifest in the mouth.

Perhaps the biggest difference you’ll notice at a biological dentistry office is the individualized approach to care. They oppose the traditional “one size fits all” dentistry model and, instead, recognize that every patient is different and should be treated according to their specific needs.

We Use Safe Materials

Biological dentistry recognize that what goes in your mouth can affect your whole body. We are committed to using safe, durable, non-toxic bio-compatible dental materials, and strictly oppose the use of amalgam, or mercury fillings. This commitment helps to lessen your toxic load and puts less stress on your immune system.

Metal Free Dental Implant System

Interested in a non metal implant? We also offer ceramic dental implants made of zirconia, restored with full ceramic crowns and metal free connection screws from crown to implant: NobelBiocare Pearl implants.

We use Low-Radiation Digital X-rays

While x-rays are a useful tool for early detection of dental problems, all dental x-rays are not created equal. We offer digital dental x-rays, which expose you to 80-90% less radiation than conventional x-rays. Digital x-rays are not only safer with lower radiation exposure—they are also a superior technology to aid in both diagnosing and evaluation.

We Offer Bio-Compatibility Testing

Studies indicate that some patients may develop a sensitivity to certain types of dental materials. When working with sensitive patients, we can perform biocompatibility testing to determine which filing material best suites your individual biology. According to your results we offer a wide range of safe bio-compatible dental materials to use for fillings, bridges and crowns.

We practice Safe Amalgam Removal

We recognize that while it is certainly important to have mercury removed from your mouth, it is equally as important to use proper removal protocols that protect their patients from additional mercury exposure. If these protocols are not followed, mercury vapor can be released into the air during removal and then absorbed into the body by inhaling or ingesting the vapors.

Some of the protocols that need to be done to keep you safe during amalgam removal include:

  • Keep the fillings cool by using a cold-water spray with copious amounts of water
  • Use a high-volume evacuator tip near the tooth to safely evacuate mercury vapor
  • Using a dental dam so you don’t swallow or inhale vapors
  • Wash and vacuum away any mercury alloy particles as soon as they are generated
  • Using room purifiers or ionizers
  • Consider appropriate nutritional support and detoxification before, during and after the amalgam removal

We prefer Conservative, Minimally Invasive Dentistry

In sharp contrast to the "drill and fill" strategy many conventional dentists embrace, holistic dentists are advocates for minimally invasive dentistry. Minimally invasive dentistry seeks to treat dental ailments, such as tooth decay, gum disease and even cosmetic issues, without the overuse of extensive drilling or unwarranted procedures. Biological dentists aim to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure and surrounding tissue as possible. Some of these minimally invasive dental technologies include:

Air Abrasion
Also known as "drill-less" dentistry, air abrasion can conservatively treat the early stages of tooth decay and help prepare teeth for restorations. It is noiseless, heat-less and a minimally invasive alternative to drilling

Ozone Therapy
Ozone therapy is used to treat gum disease and oral infections using only water and oxygen. This ozone gas is a powerful antimicrobial agent, killing bacteria on contact and penetrating areas deep below the gum line where disinfectant or antibiotic cannot reach

Laser Therapy
In dentistry, lasers are an effective, non-chemical tool to kill bacteria. They can be used in the treatment of gum disease, to sterilize root canals and even in the shaping of gum tissue. As opposed to other cutting tools, lasers are less invasive, more precise and there is less pain, bleeding and swelling for the patient

Digitally designed ceramic restorations and non-prep adhesive veneers are a good example of minimally invasive Dentistry

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Biological Dentistry treatment is available in the Anne Swart Clinic in  Portimão
Biological Dentistry treatment is available in the Anne Swart Clinic in  Sintra